Red Hat OpenStack Platform

When your cloud performs better, so does your business

Your IT department is being challenged to react faster to growing customer demands. If you’re like many IT organizations, you’re exploring Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private clouds, like OpenStack, to swiftly deploy and scale IT infrastructure. But not just any OpenStack cloud can deliver the demands of a production-scale environment and meet your performance, scalability, and security standards. Fortunately, Red Hat OpenStack Platform does all this and more.


Co-engineered performance

It matters which OpenStack distribution and which Linux offering you choose. This is why we—recognizing the critical interdependencies between the two—co-engineer OpenStack and Linux together with closely aligned product teams.

Built-in security

Red Hat has earned some of the highest security credentials, including those from the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. SELinux military-grade security technologies prevent intrusions and protect data when running in public or private OpenStack clouds.

Managed cloud

Keep an eye on all the moving parts of your OpenStack environment with Red Hat CloudForms. Integrated as part of Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat CloudForms is a unified management system that is designed for hybrid environments.

No more vendor dependency

Proprietary solutions are largely restricted to the providers’ own ecosystems. Don’t make it that difficult. Use the open technologies of Red Hat OpenStack Platform with your existing infrastructure.

Keep the updates rolling or standardize for the long term

Keep up with rapid innovation and the latest OpenStack features using our integrated director for live updates and upgrades. Standardize on a single, long-life version with the comfort that comes with up to 5 years of support, and add an extra 2 years with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Update Support Add-On subscription